Report: 2017 China Climate Financing Briefing


This report reviews the latest developments within the Chinese market for green finance from the past year, reflecting on the existing climate financing architecture and analyzing how to mobilize private capital and broaden the supply chain for green finance. The reports suggestions are aimed at policy makers in developing economies looking to adapt a financial system based on the principles on green finance.

Report: China's Emission Trading System


China is at a critical stage of economic transformation. A well functioning carbon market could be major contributor to realizing the low carbon energy transformation and the fulfillment on commitments of  climate change set out by Chinese policy makers in recent years. This report looks at the setup, development and growth of the pilot Emissions Trading System (ETS) in China ahead of the nationwide roll out expected in a few years.

WP: Turning Green Momentum Into Action


Globally the green finance agenda is facing wide array of challenges such as unclear policy signals, missing risk analysis tools and discrepant standards between market. This report provides concrete recommendations that will help develop the domestic and international green finance markets, promote cross boarder green capital flows, and narrow the knowledge gap between public and private sector globally. Written and published in collaboration with the Green Finance Initiative of the City of London.  

Beijing, China

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