IIGFs Biweekly ESG report (5th)

With the entrance of MSCI into the Chinese market and the simultaneous maturing of domestic ESG policies and standards, institutional investors are incorporating ESG concepts in to their investment philosophies.

But Chinese ESG still lacks a comprehensive system for implementation; the ESG Biweekly from the International Institute of Green Finance tries to remedy that. The report is a summary of policy developments and market dynamics, based on policy research, academic research, and market research. The goal is to provide researchers, policy makers, and investors with cutting-edge information on Chinese ESG.

At present, the IIGF database covers 1554 listed more companies, 1500 non-listed bond issuers, and more 4000 companies’ ESG data. The IIGF has developed the worlds first ESG rating system for Chinese bonds.

Every second week the IIGF publishes its ESG report on the Sina Finance ESG channel.

The 2020, 10th of January version can be accessed through here.

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